Things You Should Know About Hair Transplant And Its Effectiveness

Hair Transplant And Its Effectiveness

Just spare a minute and think of the number of times you check your hair in the mirror. Also, the number of times that you brush and touch your hair may be countless. You may also think about the number of ways to keep it nourished and protected. 

Hair is the crowning glory and indeed, the symbol of one’s persona and beauty. Healthy and shiny hair does boost your personality by a distance. 

What will be your position if you come to know that you are losing a significant amount of hair daily? 

Won’t you feel scared that you may soon lose your hair and become bald? 

Many people go through this and are unable to do anything except seeing their beautiful hair going and gone! It is where many may think of visiting multispeciality hospitals or undergo Dr Batra Hair Transplant. 

If you are looking to go for the hair transplant, then you just can’t go for it without considering a few vital factors. Let’s know more about this! 

What leads to the hair loss?

If you are facing the issue of hair loss, it may be because of internal imbalance owing to the poor health. If your diet has a lack of nutrition and you live a stressful life, then you may lose hair at a higher frequency. 

However, sometimes, the loss in men and women is owing to some disorders. 

The commonest of them is the male pattern thinning and Female pattern thinning, which may lead to baldness. 

It is where thinking of Dr Bata Hair Transplant or visiting any other multispecialty hospital may come into your mind. 

Aspects to know before going for the hair transplant 

Is the transplanted hair permanent?

Yes. When you go for hair transplantation, it will grow for life. It will not fall or become thin after you go through the transplantation. 

Does transplanted hair grow?

The area where hair follicles get extracted is known as the reliable donor area. It is on the back of the ears and hair – areas that are unaffected by DHT hormone leading to hair loss. Thus, if the donor area continues to grow, your transplanted hair will also continue growing. To ensure that your transplanted hair is permanent, you should go for the procedure only with experts such as Dr Batra Hair Transplant Clinic. 

Do you need any medication post hair transplant?

No, it is not necessary to take any medication after undergoing the hair transplant. It is because transplanted hair is permanent. However, you need to take some efforts and medications to maintain the overall health of the hair. 

Is the procedure of hair transplant painful?

Since hair transplant involves surgical procedures, and hence; you may experience some discomforts. However, if you go for a hair transplant at known multispecialty hospitals, then steps are taken to ensure comfort and quick recovery. 

When will you be able to see the final results of the transplanted hair?

After the 2-3 months of the hair transplant, you may experience a few follicles starting to grow. It may take 10-12 months or more to see final results. 

Who can go for the hair transplant?

There is no age barrier if you are medically fit and can undergo the procedure. If you are aged 18 or less, then you will need to have parents’ consent before the procedure. 

What about the side-effects of the hair plant procedure?

Hair procedure surgery may have negligible to no side-effects. The procedure may not treat the issue of hair loss even after undergoing surgery. It would be in the case if your hair loss happened due to genetic issues. If yes, then you may continue to experience hair loss even after the surgery. 

Pay for hair transplants in easy EMIs and save big 

If you were facing the issue of hair loss and wanted to opt for the hair transplant, then you can do that without paying the entire amount in one go. 

Be it any multispecialty hospital or you can get consultant advice from Dr Batra Hair Transplant clinic; you can divide the cost in easy instalments. 

This way, you may pay only a fixed EMI amount per month and manage your outlays better. This facility is available via the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card as it comes with a pre-approved limit of up to Rs.4 lakh. 

Be it hair treatments and other medical expenses; you can use the credit limit for the bills and pay in easy EMIs. 

If you have been an existing Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card member, then you can access the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card. All that you have to pay is a one-time joining fee of Rs.707!

You can manage your medical expenses without hurting your wallets. It is because you can use the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card in 5,500+ centres and 1,000+ Indian cities.