Travelling With Pet Via Air? Know Which Airlines Ship Dogs?

Travelling with pet via Air

Pet shipping has now become a new industry and is catching up with the growth very rapidly. People travel with their dogs more than ever and enjoy their dream vacations and marking the most important trips of their lives. The pet shipment is possible through various modes of travel while traveling by road is considered the most convenient way; traveling by air has also started becoming popular since few airlines have become pet friendly.

There are a number of airlines that allow few pets to travel in a plane either along with their owner or in the cargo. To make travel, you must always follow the rules and regulations put by the airlines as they are very particular about their norms and do not allow any exceptions. They always verify a few documents like the health certificate and vaccination certificate of your pet before boarding. Therefore you must never forget to carry the essential documents. There are certain limitations to a few breeds of dogs, and you must always check if your dog does not fall under that category.

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Following Is A Small List Of The Airlines That Allow The Dog To Travel On The Plane:

American Airlines

American Airlines are known as the biggest airlines in the world and take pride in being pet friendly too. They allow the dogs to travel with the owner in the cabin for small flight hours, but if the journey is long, the dog has to be traveled in the car. It is essential for the dogs to stay in the carrier while in the plane, and the carrier must also be of appropriate size and must be AITA approved to ensure safety purposes. The price usually varies from 125$ to 200$. The reviews of these airlines are very positive, and therefore the travel would be worth every penny.


JetBlue is the most pet-friendly airline across the world. They have a special program for pet shipments, and the pet owners are provided with a significant guide and a carrier bag. The guide contains certain tips for managing your dog while on the trip and giving a reward of 300 TrueBlue points. These airlines are very affordable and can be easily chosen, looking at the pet perks and a helping hand throughout the travel. The cost mostly lies around 100$ for each round.

Air Canada

Air Canada makes international trips to almost all cities around the world and can be the best option to choose while traveling to a foreign country or state. They allow mostly all the breeds in a carrier and provide the most comfortable journey. You mostly get the reservations in the flight till the last 30 minutes from the departure, as the flight is extremely accommodating and respects every passenger. The cost varies from 50$ to 118$, depending on your destination, breed of your dog, and the size of your dog.


Delta is also a very reputed airline and is known for making international travel to more than sixty countries. You can carry your dog in these airlines and make long trips and exciting trips. If you are traveling domestically, you may also carry birds along. Small pets can be carried along with owners in the cabin, and others can be shipped in the cargo ways because of safety purposes. The range mostly varies around $75 and can be considered over ground pet transfer services.

Air India

Air India is very particular about the rules, and while you have required documents and valid vaccinations done for your pet, you carry it in a proper carriage, Air India allows pet travel. You may have to follow certain restrictions on the go, and you are not allowed to carry your pet in the cabin along. The cost varies according to your destination country, and the size of your pet. The airlines work very hard to make their guests very comfortable, including the pets accompanying the journey. They are very accommodating and try to accommodate most of the pets trying to get reservations.

Air France

Air France makes both domestic as well as international trips. If you are planning to travel to Europe, you can always opt for these airlines to get the best experience. They allow the passenger to travel with a pet and want them to carry an approved container. If you are using a plastic bag, they require you to carry a flexible one, instead. The price varies from 30 EUR to 200 EUR depending on your dog’s destination and type.

Other Airlines That Are Pet Friendly

  • Swiss International Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • Aeroflot
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • SAS
  • OpenSkies
  • KLM
  • Aer Lingus
  • Japan Airlines
  • Alitalia
  • CopaAirlines
  • Iberia