Where is the best place to put a safe in your house?

Home safety is most important or necessary for all its keep money, some financial and personal records and other valuable thinks safe it’s also kept right place some harmful things like Guns, Knives and hazardous chemicals away from children as well as visitors.

Different factors you required to consider when looking for a place to keep safe has all these things you would need to know before you will be able to make an informed decision and be able to find the perfect place for your safety.   

If you are placing cash and valuable documents in your safe, then putting your safe in an accessible area is a good idea. You may place this in a closet or a spare bedroom.

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Few best place to put a safe in your house 

Home wall safe a wall-mounted safe should ideally be bolted to an external wall it is always possible or suitable you may need a safe in the wall elsewhere in the house this needs careful consideration.

Beating places for small amounts of hard cash

Vacant container and paint container can be used to store money and other small things and good looking unnoticeable when left on a shelf or in a cupboard. If using a food can, open the container from the bottom so that the ring pull is still able to be seen on top.

It’s older fashion trick but hollowing out an old book and keeping on a bookshelf with cash stored inside is a good way of beating money.

Putting cash inside a CD or DVD which is placed on a shelf would also look unmarkable.

Place cash inside a covering and tape it to the underside of a drawer. Hide a box in the garden is a great way to place your valuables hidden. Make sure any cash is putting in waterproof bags.

A less conventional way but somewhere hidden is underneath a bathtub. On most bathtubs, there are removable plastic panels on the sides. If hiding money, it is a good idea to make sure that notes are secured in waterproof bags.

A cash box is an old method of putting cash safe, under lock and key, it is surely more secure.

Beating places for Store large amounts of money

The best method of storing cash safe and out of undesired hands is to lock it up securely, the real amount of cash that you’re not disposed to lose could be protected in a securely which is correctly installed.

 When selecting the good security, make sure the safes insurance cash rating is typically the amount of money you wish to store inside. The safes cash rating is a good mark of its strength and builds quality

Before keeping your safe you’ll require to choose the right place to speed it down. You should pick some certain place that’s obscure to an opportunist but also somewhere where you can get the safe efficiently such as a cupboard or wardrobe. 

Keeping your money in a drawer with a lock might also keep it secure. Even though not as protected as a safe, anything which needs a key to open will cause issue for an opportunist

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