Top Reasons Why Pharmaceutical is Moving to the Cloud

The Pharma industry is facing intense competition owing to many reasons. There are complexities of managing expiry dates, formula management, and meeting strict compliant and maintaining the highest quality standards. These companies also have to innovate quickly to bring forth the best product. Despite sturdy budgets and timeframes, the Pharma industry is expected to grow exponentially in the coming future. It will not be a matter of surprise to know that the cloud is taking over the entire Pharma industry.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the top reasons to justify cloud ERP for the Pharmaceutical industry. 

1. Reduction in Costs

With tight margins and ever-high expectations from Pharma business to bring the best drugs, it makes sense to invest in an ERP to achieve high results. Deploying Cloud ERP leads to high savings as there is no need to invest in additional hardware for servers thereby inducing high-cost savings. 

2. Data Security

Pharma manufacturers hold a vast amount of sensitive data that needs to be managed properly, this includes patient information, drug formulas, and other vital info. Hence, protecting such information becomes highly critical to the business. This erp offers advanced security tools to protect the intellectual property of the Pharma business. 

3. Accessibility

Pharma companies have various tasks to manage like sample and vendor management. The healthcare professionals may need information on the go. To have the information in real-time, here comes the need to invest in an ERP which promotes high flexibility.

4. Data Storage

The healthcare industry is expected to generate a large amount of data that need to be managed for driving actionable information and make confident business decisions. The local servers nd spreadsheets have limitations of restricted space. To constantly manage and make storage space about drug formula, pricing details, here comes the need for an ERP. This will allow them to scale and store data and have data anytime and anywhere.

5. Scalability

 Most of the drug manufacturers’ projects fluctuate in terms of price, resources, and requirements. Hence they need a software which can quickly scale as per their business demands. The best erp software empowers all drug manufacturers and wholesale businesses to gain greater control over their business and scale up or down easily depending on the project’s need.

6. Advanced Analytics Capabilities

Today’s Pharma industry is battling tough competition. Recent market analysis is required to stay ahead of the curve. The cloud-based ERP helps you lay your hands on the most critical information, thus giving you a competitive edge.

7. Tracking inventory movement

Tracking inventory movements from one warehouse to another is the biggest challenge for manufacturers as drugs and vaccines are perishable and subsequent arrangements need to be done for a safe transition. A cloud-based ERP solutiongives a bird’s eye view over the entire supply chain movements and ensures effortless tracking of inventory.

Cloud-based ERP benefits for the pharmaceutical industry brings its own set of benefits. With the pay-as-you-go model, scalability, security, bringing down costs, auto upgrades, you will have multiple reasons to embark on the cloud-erp journey if not already made. 

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