12 Must-Have Features for your eCommerce Mobile App in 2020

Mobile eCommerce apps are growing at a never-ending rate and their demand is higher than ever before. This ever-increasing mobile commerce has forced store owners to upgrade their site to a mobile store.

With the increasing number of mobile users worldwide, businesses find it more comfortable in the opportunity to attract more users on a worldwide platform.

Moreover, half of the population in any country depends on mobile apps for shopping. This clearly states that mobile eCommerce stores will soon become the primary shopping store for users. But, not all online stores are able to fulfill their goals and desires.

Therefore, if you are looking for eCommerce app development, you must find all the essential features and functionalities of the app.

To make your task easy, here we will provide a list of features that you should include in a mobile eCommerce app.

12 Must-Have Features for your eCommerce Mobile App in 2020

1. Simple & Effective Navigation

An eCommerce mobile app should provide an excellent user experience for the promotion of its eCommerce business. The most crucial factor which triggers the purchase decision of mobile store apps is the ease of shopping.

Therefore, it is very much important in a shopping app for a user to have seamless navigation and smooth experience so that they don’t face any issues during the shopping. The products and brands should be presented in a remarkable manner.

2. Quick Login Process

The majority of mobile commerce users don’t like lengthy registration and some apps ask for a lot of information for registration; this should be avoided in the first place.

A simple registration process should include a mobile number and email ID. Moreover, you can also provide social login options via Google & Facebook. The app should store this information for future references.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications can be considered as a personalized, most-effective, and time-sensitive way to attract back to your mobile store. Using push notifications, some promotions can be done of the fresh arrivals, exclusive deals, or discounts on products that are kept in the cart.

The users might get attracted to the notification and take instant action. Also, integrating push notifications will undoubtedly help you see substantial growth in the overall sales of the store in no time. Notification systems get more response as compared to email or text messages.

4. Advanced Search

Generally, eCommerce apps consist of a wide number of products in different categories. In order to make it convenient for customers to discover their desired products, the app should consist of advanced search options along with all possible filters.

By doing this, all the new customers will also be able to search their products with ease. Adding Image Search allows a user to search for products directly by clicking from their smartphone’s camera. Also, integrating Barcode Search will enable users to search for a specific product by just scanning the code.

5. Awesome User Experience

There are a wide number of apps present in the market. If you want your users to be fulfilled by your app, then you need to provide a unique and incredible experience.

If you want to make your app stand out from the crowd, then you have to increase your customer’s value for their time and money by providing them solutions to their problems, enhanced efficiency, better suggestions, etc.

6. Multiple-Payment Options

There are some users who want to purchase items from your eCommerce app, but they are unable to complete their payment just because the app doesn’t have the desired payment option. This thing will directly affect your sales.

Therefore you should integrate all different kinds of payment options such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc. to increase your sales.

7. Ratings & Reviews

All the users should be able to give their honest reviews and ratings of features of the app. The customers must have an option to provide negative reviews about all the services and products that are not fit for them. This certainly helps you to move ahead in your businesses.

Moreover, if you are app only allows positive feedback, then users will intentionally know that you are going to fool them. Hence, both positive and negative reviews will allow you to run your business effectively.

8. Creating lists and Wishlists

Users may be waiting for a discount or don’t have enough money to purchase a product at the current moment. However, they want to save the product to search and buy it in the near future. This is the main point of developing a wishlist feature.  

In the second case, consider that a user has found the suitable product but is still looking for a better product with a better price to make a purchase decision altogether in the end. For this, with the help of the wishlist feature, the user will be able to add all the relevant products and then make a buying decision later.

9. Faster Checkout Process

This is one of the most essential features of eCommerce App Development. Using this feature, a user will place its order by just selecting the address from his/her profile that mainly consists of the billing and shipping address of a user.

Therefore it is highly recommended that your checkout process is quick and effective as it will save users precious time.

10. Overall Synchronization

Your app should be synchronized entirely with the website. Anytime you make changes in the catalog, categories, or any other section on the site, it should be directly reflected into your eCommerce mobile app.

11. Chatbots helps to improve communication

Integrated chat boats are highly responsible when we talk about conversations and customer services.

If you add live chat bots in your eCommerce app, you will help your customers in making a buying decision, allowing buyers to purchase things with ease and lastly decreasing chances of cancellation.

12. Integrating AR/VR in your eCommerce store

Totally new and unique technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) will help to create new shopping experiences for mobile users.

Using VR/AR-powered virtual shopping stores, you will be able to provide better visualization as compared to shopping stores. This will definitely enhance the overall shopping experience and increase sales.


By adding all the features into your eCommerce app, you will be able to change the entire shopping experience of your users and increase the conversation rate. This will in-turn help you to increase your brand’s reputation.

Lastly, to integrate all the features into your app, you can take help from a reputed eCommerce App Development Company. They have hired highly skilled developers, which will provide you with the best eCommerce app at the best cost.

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