What Is Offshore Hosting?

Offshore Hosting

Truth of anything lies inside what does it provide to you? What are its pros and cons? And proper analysis of each point about the topic? Let us know the truth of offshore hosting.

For the growth and prosperity of your business you need to host it online. The new technological world and customers are waiting for you to come online. You need to host your business online to do so. Offshore hosting is one of the options you can choose. The offshore hosting of your website is done on servers located outside one’s own country. For e.g.- you live in the USA and want to host your website in countries other than the USA. Nowadays Flaunt7 web hosting is popular hosting service in all over the world.

Most people think of offshore hosting to be the shady side of hosting. The companies that do offshore hosting don’t need to worry about DMCA notices, copyrighted content and other things because it is not illegal in their country. If you have questionable links and motives which are not legal in your country you can put them on an offshore hosting because the other country laws are not the same as our country laws and regulations. We also get freedom about our content and can choose anonymous hosting. So, by offshore hosting we easily get-

  • Benefits of various countries.
  • Freedom from our countries legality.
  • Privacy on another level.

Pros And Cons Offshore Hosting

To know the absolute truth of offshore hosting now let us have a look on its pros and cons.


  • Freedom of Speech

If your content is controversial or of any other kind which can have a possibility to  run afoul of one or more country’s laws, regulations, or cultural norms. It is not a wise choice to risk it. You can end having a punishment by the government. The risk of punishment in the form of jail time, fines, and lawsuits, isn’t your only worry. So, to get rid of this worry we choose offshore hosting. It serves our content from a country with robust protection of freedom of speech. Authorities may seek to remove your content from the internet. If you don’t want all your work to be taken down choose offshore hosting.

  • Avoiding Local Regulations

Do you think your country’s authorities can take your content down? In order to get successful you cannot afford that. There are governments which doesn’t allow gambling,pornography, etc. For an instance in the US, selling certain pharmaceuticals directly to consumers without a prescription is illegal. In many Asian countries, online gambling is strictly prohibited. A wide number of jurisdictions have regulations concerning pornography. You can simply choose offshore hosting if you have issues like that.

  • Choosing the Right Jurisdiction

If you have chosen a business which your country’s jurisdiction does not support, don’t change your business just change the jurisdiction. In such cases, the only option is to host your website somewhere where those types of businesses are not illegal or where the regulations and penalties are not as strict. For example, Americans may set up gray-market pharmaceutical sites in Asia, and Asian entrepreneurs may host online casino sites in the US.

  • Anonymous Services

You don’t wanna share who you are? It’s completely okay, some offshore hosting companies provide completely anonymous service, which means that no identifying information needs to be provided by the customer who wishes to create an account. All the communication takes part via an anonymous email account. And payments are dealt with cash and bitcoins.


  • Being Aware of Local Laws

It is completely legal to run the business in the jurisdiction which allows it. You have to be sure that your local government allows you that. Let’s say for example that I want to set up a gambling site, and I live in a country where this activity is illegal. I could host my online casino site from servers in the other country, where gambling is legal. However, because I would still be engaged in activities on my website (such as updating content or responding to email), I may still be breaking my local laws.

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By all means, if you are considering offshore hosting, be extremely cautious.

Consider these 5 things when selecting for an offshore host:

  1. Knowing Location Restrictions –you are not breaking the other country law  doesn’t mean you are not breaking the law, be extra cautious.
  2. Research – Do your research properly on your host’s location prior to committing, it can be a scam.
  3. Industry Check – Various industries may have internal laws which prevent you from carrying out your planned business process. So, before jumping into it just have a double check.
  4. Privacy – Many hosting providers claim ‘anonymity’, please ensure it is legal  and not just a marketing promise. Your privacy is in your hands.
  5. Payment –Some cryptocurrencies are a great way to pay for hosting when you’re attempting to stay under the radar. Make sure it’s best for you or not.
  • Be Cautious

Offshoring is no guarantee that you will be safe. If the business is illegal in your country and the government doesn’t want you to continue, it will find its way. Be cautious, don’t make your way to danger.

Now we hope that you know the truth of offshore Hosting.