Must Read Blogs For Logo Designers

A custom logo is the face of a brand. It is not just an image but a piece of recognition for your viewers and clients. An excellent and descriptive logo has the power to convert a company into a well known brand.

If the logo is designed perfectly keeping certain things in mind, it can convey the brand’s mission, values and message through it. This helps is building a trustworthy connection with potential audience. 

As this task has heavy importance so it must be completed carefully and with grace. There is a lot of information available online on logo designs. So, we have researched and examined carefully and picked out the best blogs for logo designs. These blogs contain crucial information on every aspect of logo designing.  So do check out the list below-

  1. Designhill

Designhill is such a platform that offers tremendous opportunities to its audience. It is accompanied with softwares to build custom logos, mood boards, brochures and many other graphic designing features. Along with this, there is a huge knowledge bank related to these topics as well. If you wish to explore topics like best tips to design logos, splendid logo designs or effective logo presentation tips Designhill is a great place. 

It condenses tips from experts all over the world to provide you with the best.

  • Logo Design Love

This blog is handled by David Airey, graphic designer and book author. It was launched in 2008 and gets updated almost twice a week ever since.

David Airey mentions logo designs and Brand identities in his blog. Also, blog posts generally vary around a huge range of topics. You can learn about skills required to create an amazing logo and even how to price it with efficacy. 

You can also check out his sister blogs,, Identify Designed or even his book to learn more.

  • Logo log

Logo log features popular and splendid logos of all time on its blog. It also includes discussions on why a certain logo is good and a matter of interest to site authors. This blog also provides logo designs initial drafts along with notes personally from the designer of the logo.

Logo log has talked about, FedEx and Paul Rand Logos.

  • Brand New

Brand New started in 2006 and is working effectively from that time to present. It is a section at Under Consideration website

This blog covers brand identity designs. It also mentions logo redesigns like Mall of America’s new logo design.

21st century Fox logo and ArminVit are also some of its mentions. The three main sections include Reviews, Objective Notes and last one is Minor Description. All in all, it can help you gather huge knowledge on logos designs.

  • The Blog of Mr. Cup- Graphic Exchange

The Blog of Mr. Cup- Graphic Exchange is operated by Fabien Barral. He is an agency art director and now a calendar and coaster designer as well. Blog is updated with new and latest content at least once a week. His blog articles are considered photo dense articles with tag lines of – Emotion, Inspiration and Creation.

  • Just Creative

Just Creative provides you amazing ideas to help your work stand out with stunning and memorable logo designs. This blog is handled and worked upon by Jacon Cass. He is a highly accomplished graphic designer and blogger. Blog showcases the successful works completed by this website with recognized brands.

It also includes a huge amount of articles and great blog posts about logo designs.

  • Logo Geek

Ian Paget handles Logo Geek blog. This platform imparts valuable knowledge and tips on logo designs. Few of its works include Characteristics of successful logos, guide to generating logos and tools every logo designer needs.

If you are a logo designer, you must check out this blog to learn new things and polish your skills.

It basically provides all possible information on logo designing ranging from how to create one to how to get clients to sell one.

  • Branding, Packaging and Opinion

Richard Baird is founder and editor of this excellent blog. He has published his personal work here. Properly researched and examined reviews of logos and packing are available to provide better insight on these topics.

Not only famous logos but Richard also discusses lesser known logos also like Happy Maple, True Honey Co.

  • Logo Lounge

Logo Lounge is an online database and also a logo design site. It features a huge number of custom logo design.

It mentions and discusses changes that are made to logos and possible reasons behind changing the logos. It certainly does not follow any blog content and design format. List of top 20 logos mentioned in Entrepreneur magazine is also reviewed.

  1. The Logo Factor

This blog of logo design is of The Logo Factory. The Logo Factory has been working since 1966.

On this site, you will find opinion piece on Ebay’s new logo and also detailed studies of various logo design projects.