Is Azure DevOps Certification Right for Me: Cost, Tips to Prepare

In recent years, traditional software development has undergone dramatic changes in all aspects to address the vibrant business landscape. Recently, public players in the cloud have recognized DevOps as a viable methodology for software development. All the same, the Azure DevOps solution is one of the new certificates for Azure roles, which confirms the competence of Azure DevOps experts. For this certificate, there is a test called “AZ-400” that allows candidates to become Azure DevOps engineers who are certified by Microsoft.

The purpose of this article is to help those individuals who complete the preparation to pass the AZ-400 exams. You can also read this guide to help you get the right resources to pass the exam.

AWS Certified DevOps Expert – Professional Certification

If you are on the list of potential candidates for this certificate, feel free to read this guide to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Certification exam. We can be sure that from this guide you will get the correct methods and reliable materials for studying the AZ-400 Azure DevOps solution.


The exam will cost around $ 335 to $ 485 for two or three modules.


Today, DevOps engineer is one of the most popular designations. By creating a link between technology development and operation, it is the responsibility of DevOps engineers to make it easier for these two teams to be all as efficient and effective as possible. Key terms often associated with DevOps include cloud and automation. However, Azure DevOps engineer needs a lot of knowledge and experience in almost all fields to work effectively.

Therefore, they hope to focus their work on the tools and services that the cloud offers. By taking this certification exam, you demonstrate to your peers and employers that you have the skills to make the most of the Azure platform and provide value to your business and customers. This value can be measured by smoother operations, faster allocation processes, or greater cost savings.


This is a professional-level certification for Azure certified developers. This test validates your knowledge of Azure solution delivery, management, deployment, and security, and covers advanced topics such as cloud development, local application upgrades, and cloud repackaging. It is not enough to know and understand the different Azure services.

Therefore, Azure recommends that you resolve the Azure issue before performing this test. You should also be able to take advantage of automation and reusable code to reduce errors and increase efficiency and agility. Thanks to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud revenue grew 104% to $ 6.5 billion per year.

Tips for Preparing For the Azure DevOps Certification

Once you are sure that you meet the exam requirements, you can immediately start preparing for the AZ-400 exam. You can view this article at any time as a reference or guide for preparing Microsoft Azure DevOps test solutions.

Explore Microsoft Website

See the Microsoft Azure training page for all the basic information needed to take this exam. You will find basic information about the exam, skills assessed in the exam, prerequisites, etc. If changes to the exam table or scores are discussed, this page is one of the few pages where related data first appears. Most importantly, links to the AZ-400 exam organization are only available here.

Microsoft Documents

In these documents, you will find complete dashboards, public projects, and analytical solutions. The complex concepts of Azure DevOps are presented in these documents in a much simpler way. But no such book has been found at the moment. However, for the AZ-400 exam, you will find exercise books to help you prepare for the exam.

Azure White Papers

From the Microsoft Azure website, you can access a variety of reports, e-books, and analytics to learn more about the latest Azure DevOps updates and related technologies. To prepare for the AZ-400 exam, you can download all of these reports for free using Microsoft credentials.

Join the Courses

At most Azure certification exams, Microsoft offers to teach. As the AZ-400 is now available live, many options can be found for such training. You can also choose AZ-400 learning training at a time that suits you.

Get Practice Tests

You get to know the actual test pattern and thus become confident enough to pass the actual test on the first try. Several providers offer exercises, so it is recommended to try the free AZ-400 test before you pay for all the exercises. You can find the study group yourself on the Microsoft AZ-400 page.

Reasons to Get Microsoft Azure DevOps Certification

Focus On the Public Cloud

Companies are increasingly taking over the cloud, and cloud computing is expected to grow to $ 350 billion worldwide by 2021. As the world of technology and information technology grows, more and more jobs are responding to the ever-changing landscape of information technology.

Easy To Adapt and Learn

Because Microsoft has effective exclusivity in the computer market, most users are familiar with Windows. All the same, making your career as well as give your best – in the field, is the privilege of a person. If a person is having a tech-related mindset, you will like to get more knowledge regarding the Azure cert.

Azure Has a Big Share

Azure is catching up with competitors with incredible speed. According to research, Azure’s customer base is similar to AWS, and customer conversations have also shifted from Hyper-V to Azure.


It is considered to pass the certification examination and gain Microsoft certification; you must be prepared and familiar with the content being tested. This may be due to experience in using the technology, but it does not allow you to go through that experience 100% easily. You will often not use all the techniques and perform all the tasks covered by the exam as part of your daily responsibilities. As a result, you have to learn. It is also helpful to go through some practice to prepare for memorizing the necessary technical knowledge.