From where we get fencing?

Fencing is a boundary which help to protect our buildings, plots etc. from the outside. Fencing is made up with the help of metal, wood, wire etc. The uses of fencing are given below:

  1. It is used for protection from animals.
  2. It is used for decoration purpose and also provides proper support to our garden.
  3. Itused for protection from crops.
  4. It protectsthe property from outsiders like thieves.
  5. It also protects the respective fenced area any type of natural disaster like storm.

From where we to get these fencing done?

We get fencing from the dealers and distributors. Fence distributor are those who directly purchase from the industries who manufacture fencing. Fencing dealer are those who purchase from the distributors.  Fencing Distributors are the wholesalers whereasFencing dealers are the retailers. It depends on the customer from where they want to purchase fencing. They may be purchase from the wholesaler or dealer. If the customer can purchase directly from the Fencing distributorthey spend less money. On the other handif the customer buy fencing from the Fencing dealer it may spend more money. Fencing distributor distribute or sale goods to dealers as well as customers where as dealers can only sold goods to customers.

Fencing dealer are the important part in the market where as Fencing Dealer are the market makers.In India there are many fencing distributors and dealers. Fencing distributors are of many types like some distributors supplies only wire, some distributors supply woods etc. Same as fencing distributors dealers are also deals in different parts of fencing. Fence distributors provide many different types of fencing materials, products, and accessories. There are different fence products like aluminium fence material, fence posts, wood fence, wire fences etc. Customers may rely more on those persons who have experience of few years in fencing. Fencing distributor carry fencing from eastern white cedar and aluminium fences.

Fencing dealer can play the role of middleman between fencing distributor and customer. Fencing distributor plays the role of agent because distributor distribute goods in the name of company where as fencing dealer play the role as a principal because they deal with customer on their own behalf. Fencing distributor has a large serving area but fencing dealer has limited serving area. Fencing dealer can face many competitions while selling product to the customer whereas fencing distributor do not face any competition problem.

In every city there is a one fencing distributor who distribute goods over the city but in the same city there are large number of dealers who deals in the same product of fencing. Due to this customer also distribute because they prefer those dealers who sale product at the reasonable price. In the market there are large number of fencing dealer so customer can easily buy product from their near. In market there are some government dealers who sale product in the market. So it is always better to first research about all these things, to find out the most appropriate person from whom fence material can be bought.

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