What’s the best way to get out of your comfort zone?

Remaining within one’s comfort zone and not experiencing the REAL life would be very unfortunate for a person. Because it is the experiences that make you a better version of yourself.

For example, if I compare my childhood to that of my kids, I used to go out and play. In contrast, I have facilitated my kids with high Cox Internet speeds. So, they do not feel the need to frolic with kids as playing online games is more convenient.  

However, you can get out of your comfort zone in many ways.   

Adopt a Different Routine

The first step that you can take towards getting out of your comfort zone is to make changes to your daily routine. No, you do not have to change your living style all at once. One change at a time and you will eventually get there.

For example, you can begin by taking a different route to work. Or you can go out on an adventurous dinner. Adventure here means not checking the reviews of a certain restaurant on Yelp before dining in or ordering. Make changes in the way you do things daily.

You may face inconvenience at first, but that is the part of it. Do not get put off by the unfavorable outcomes that the change might bring. Gradually, you will see that things will start working in your favor. You will no longer rely on a pre-decided routine. And that, my friend, is when you will start getting out of your comfort zone.

Take Your Time

It is okay to take time before you make a decision. You do not need to rush to a final decision. Some people might think that taking your time before you make a decision is well within everyone’s comfort zone. However, this is not the case. Few people’s life depends on taking quick decision. This is especially the case if speed is prized in someone’s life.

But you will have to slow down things and get out of your comfort zone to experience what it is like to take decisions at a different pace. Give yourself the time to analyze and interpret things before you land on a final decision. Give yourself more time to think and interpret things.

A Step Towards Your Fear

The only way to defeat your fear to take a step towards it. You will soon realize that the things you are scared of have the potential to expand your life in terms of experiences. When you start doing things that you are afraid of attempting in the first place, you will see that it is the easiest and the most rewarding way to get out of your comfort zone.

Steeping towards your fears and finally getting rid of them will give you a feeling of accomplishment. Moreover, it will also let you out of your comfort zone. The deep level of personal satisfaction that this exercise will bring will, of course, be cherry on top.

Let Go of Control

If you are the bossy kind and control people at all times, it is time for you to give up on that habit. Until now, all the things that you got done were because of the ‘controlling others’ nature that you possessed. Once you give up control, you will see that not everyone agrees with what you say or do. It will be hard for you to accept this fact at first.

Gradually, you will start adapting to this new way of life. You will accept the fact that everything is not going to be the way you think of it. Once you accept it completely, you will see a new version of yourself.

Talk to Strangers

You may find this funny or ridiculous but talking to strangers is a way to let go off your fears. This will also allow you to get rid of your introvert self or the shy individual that resides within you. Becoming an extrovert when you have always been an introvert is also getting out of your comfort zone.

Also, you get to learn new things about people when you strike a conversation with people you know nothing about.

Agree to Something You do not Like

You should start agreeing to things you would not otherwise. This will also be a step towards getting out of your comfort zone. Develop a habit of saying yes to things you won’t agree to otherwise. And see what happens. It could be anything ranging from giving a new strategy a shot to joining an amateur sports team maybe.

Telling from my personal experience, I was someone who never took chances when it came to trying something new. The first and the biggest decision I took was shifting to Fiber Internet from my previous one. To my surprise, I ended up taking one of the best decisions of my life. See, getting out of your comfort zone can be rewarding as well. You just need to give it a shot.

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