Top 5 Social Media Applications

Social media applications have made human life easy in terms of exchanging information and interacting online. It also allows connecting people of same interests and professional backgrounds. It is really a very broad term with various applications. Following are some of the most popular social media platforms, which people all around the world use.

  • Facebook-It is an America based online social platform that offers tremendous options. This is the larger networking site. The most well-known app amongst people of all age sections of society. Nearly, 1.86 billion users operate this app every month. It has amazing features that attract masses in a large amount. Updates and more improvements come after few times for betterment. It is only accessible to people who are above 13 years old.
  • Facebook Lite –Well, this app is as lite as its name. It is a substitute of Facebook. It allows saving space in phone storage and using it in 2G speed. Being small, it provides all the better experiences and features. Juveniles are not allowed to access this app due to privacy issues. It keeps easier and faster connection with people from anywhere and anytime. It is designed to use lower amount of CPU and RAM power. It can work on old phone that are no longer able to operate Facebook. People use this app where there is lack of internet connectivity.
  • IMO –This application is very famous throughout the globe. It is famous for its fantastic features of free chats as well as video calls and much more. Moreover, it can also be operated on PC with same features that can be seen on mobile phones. It is famous for calls and even high definition video calls. It is very much popular in people. This app also allows talking to contacts in device as well as others with a few steps and code.
  • Snapchat-It is one of the most trending applications these days. It opens up to a camera with a transparent circular button on it which is used to click pictures by just a single tap and make videos by pressing it for long. It is also having a feature that allows people to do video call with 16 people at one time. Location can also be seen of anyone but if someone is an introvert than they can also hide their location.
  • Instagram – Anyone can express and connect with friends for video call and chat anytime. Individuals can also post their videos and photos in order to update their profiles. Highlights can also be made in order to make the story stable on profile. Stories and posts can also be archived and then again put back on profile with just a single click. Different categories like art, fashion, architecture, brands and many more things can be explored to increase exposure as per individual’s interest. New update of IGTV has also been introduced recently for uploading long videos. This app is really being loved by many of the people.

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