The best elevator shoes for men

elevator shoes for men

Gabrielle ‘Coco Chanel’, one of the greatest names in the fashion industry said, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same”. What we wear reflects directly or indirectly who we are. People judge us by our appearance on what we wear.  Just as the statement, we must personify this and stay true to who we are. The fashion industry is continuously evolving but there is only one certainty today, ‘The Elevator Shoes’.

Elevator shoes have helped many men who want to look better to experience the benefits of a few inches of height. These shoes are trendy as regular footwear for work, dates, workouts, and events. The right shoes give your life a boost, so if you want to give your life a boost, these shoes are your go-to choice.

Let’s explore the benefits of elevator shoes and how they give your life a boost.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes come in various sizes, styles, colors, materials, and shapes. These shoes do not increase the height only, in fact, there are other multiple benefits that they offer.

Elevator shoes enhance stance

Elevator shoes not only help you look taller but also enhance your stance. These shoes are specially designed to promote the stance while protecting the knees and back. You can walk and stand straight with your square shoulders. When the stance is enhanced, it makes you look attractive and also makes a huge difference in your walk.

Helps to maintain eye contact

According to a study conducted by the Idiap Research Institute, eye contact shows a person’s hierarchy and dominance in a conversation. As such, if you want to maintain eye contact while communicating, elevator shoes can help you out. By increasing your height by a few inches, these shoes help to preserve eye contact by putting you at the same level as the people you are talking to.

Carefully designed to provide comfort

Comfort is the primary reason that is seen for wearing any product whether shoes or clothes. Elevator shoes are carefully designed to provide comfort through any activity. They are specially designed for dancing, running, and even hiking. These shoes are made with extra padding that provides additional comfort and helps you to reduce the impact on your feet while doing these activities in your day-to-day life.

When you wear elevator shoes at first, you may feel a slight difference in your walk because of the height of the insole that your feet may not be used to. However, as your feet become accustomed to these shoes, you will enjoy walking in your college or office without a problem.


The fashion industry is an ever-evolving world as we see new trends of clothes and shoes with every passing day. Elevator shoes are regarded as old fashioned school shoes which were used only to increase the height of the wearer, but now, elevator shoes come in different designs to suit different occasions. They are available in the laid back, event, and job designs. GuidoMaggi have very functional elevator shoes that come in a wide variety of options to choose from for a specific event and for different people’s preferences.