6 Nostalgic And Eye Catching Designer Cakes Which Are Smashing Records Over Internet

Eye Catching Designer Cakes

Cakes the most important guest of any party. Basically, the cake is a guest until it is cut into pieces. After cutting it becomes a best friend of the tongue and stomach. By the way, have you ever thought, there will be a day when cakes will be also designer?

In this world, everything is designed, then why not cake. After all, the cake is as important as the party star. I know you must be thinking about online cake delivery in delhi. These cakes also you can order online from Bloomsvilla, whenever you want. In fact, with the cake, you can order a flower bouquet also. Everything is available on their website. But here we are talking about the scrumptious designer cake. Usually, people order these types of cake for a very special and important function like a wedding, special one birthday, a celebration of a big achievement, baby shower, baby first birthday, milestone anniversary and birthday, etc. But I know you ‘re all confused about which one I should order. So don’t worry, here I make a list of the top 6 designers’ cake, which is nowadays smashing all the records on the internet.

Palace cake design

This is such a mesmerizing cake. This cake not only design like a palace but also, it gives that royal feeling. This cake, every tomb, wall, color, decor everything is just out of the imagination. I think this is the reason why people prefer designer cakes for special occasions. If you are looking for a cake for weddings. This is the cake that you are looking for for a long time. You know, this cake is not only perfect for weddings but also for a sweet 16th birthday. If you are looking for your daughter’s 16th birthday cake. This is the best one, and also this is perfect for the birthday of the lady’s love of your life.

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Bouquet cake design

You know very well flowers are always the best gift in every way. But don’t you think, it will be more beautiful if you have ordered online bouquet delivery in Bangalore and it comes in this way. It just looks so pretty. When you will surprise someone with this lovely cake. You can imagine the reaction and level of happiness. Because this cake is just adorable, and nowadays so much in demand also.

Mickey Mouse cake design

Mickey Mouse is one of the historical cartoon characters. It is not only a historical but also evergreen cartoon character. It doesn’t matter you are a 90s kid or this 2020 generation kid. Mickey Mouse cartoon character has still the fan following. This is the reason still this cake design is still breaking the internet. For a kid’s birthday, it still comes on the top.

Rainbow cake design

Who can say I hate Rainbow? The beauty and color of the rainbow always excite the people. It doesn’t matter you are 50 years old or 5 years old. A rainbow always brings a smile. This cake also says the same story. Every color and design of this cake is not less than any fairy tale. This is the cake, which you can order for any occasion. You can for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. This new year cake is like a potato, it will be adjusted on every occasion. And yes, if you are ordering this cake for an anniversary don’t forget to order an anniversary flower bouquet.

Makeup cake design

Nowadays, this cake design so much in trend. People ordering this cake to tease their female friends also. Because all we know, how much male tease female for makeup. This is the reason why this cake is so much in trend. So this birthday, don’t forget to order this cake for your female friend.

Princess cake design

This is also one of the oldest cake designs. But the elegance of this cake is still the same. The demand for this cake is still the same. Not only girl kid but also a teenage girl and adult girls want this cake on their birthday. In fact, people order this cake on the birth of a baby girl.

Some are old and some are a new designer cake. But these cakes are still fresh on the internet.