How To Do Nose Shaping Without Rhinoplasty?

Nose Shaping Without Rhinoplasty

Many men and women around the globe opt for Rhinoplasty to get their nose in the desired shape. But not people are aware that they can their desired nose shape without going through any surgical procedure. Rhinoplasty is not the only option for nose shaping. There are many permanent and non-permanent options available, and they work as efficiently as a surgical procedure would do.

Now many dermatology experts suggest that people should not resort to Rhinoplasty as long as it is not mandatory. Non-medical intervention can also do wonders if used effectively. So let’s have a look at these non-surgical interventions in slightly greater detail.


No Blade Rhinoplasty

No blade Rhinoplasty; also known as non-surgical Rhinoplasty is one the best ways available for nose shaping without actually going through a surgical procedure. The results obtained from this procedure are permanent. That’s probably the reason this “no blade Rhinoplasty” is getting a lot of attention around the globe.

The method

In this method, small nose filters are injected in certain selected parts of the nose. In a couple of weeks, these filters dissolve on their own. Keep in mind this a non-invasive method.They inject filter manually, and you will not feel any discomfort in the process. After the primary injection, the dermatologist will ask you to get the rejection. The reinjection makes the changes permanent. Also, your immune system plays a vital role in making these aesthetic changes durable. So it would help if you take proper nutritious diet once you go through the process.

Nose slimming

Non slimming is also a non-invasive technique which yields you semi-permanent results. To perform this, all you need to do is to massage each part of your nose in a circular motion. While using this nose shaping technique, make sure you press each part of your nose separately. The results may take some time to be visible, so you have to be little persistent with the method.

The Wiggle Method

The wiggle method is also a prevalent non-surgical method for nose shaping. It yields permanent results. Also, this method demandsthe least effort from your side. So you don’t need to worry about taking time out time for it separately. You can easily do it while doing usual household chores.

The technique is quite simple. It would be best if you started by expanding your nostrils as much as you can. That will put the thrust on the base muscles of your nose. You have to do it while keeping your face still. The recommended time for this is five minutes. The duration is significant, but above that consistency is something that will determine how much you can gain from this nose shaping method. Do it daily, in a few months; you will observe your more prominent nose.

Apart from these methods, there are some efficient breathing exercises that you complement with the above mentioned techniques. If one shows patience, these non-surgical methods can yield incredible results.