Should Teen work: Right time or not?

Do you remember, dear parents of adolescents, how they made their first money? Your baby has grown, he has new needs, which means that it requires more money. Perhaps you are ready to sponsor gadgets, new T-shirts, ice cream and movies, but if the number of desires grows, then the family budget begins to significantly strain. At this point, you can think about a side job, not for you but for your child.

Where to find a job?

Let’s start with the second paragraph. Let’s say the whole family votes for a side job. Where to get it? Probably the most common way is to search for friends. Before asking friends, let’s decide what kind of work a teenager can do. This, for example, a courier, an assistant in the office, in the kitchen in restaurants and cafes, a car washer, an assistant for housework and with children, a participant in extras in advertising and cinema, and other unskilled labor. A teenager can also work to provide assignment help Sydney to juniors or children in the society.

In addition to searching through friends, you can contact the territorial employment services. Here the child is not wholly deceived, but will be arranged in companies (most often state-owned), where they will sign an employment contract and pay a fee at the end of the month. Many companies hire adolescents to work as a postman or sorter, and the housing and communal services sector may offer to work in the field of landscaping and landscaping.

To qualify for shooting in advertising and cinema, you need to contact casting agencies for finding domestic staff.

The main thing – before going to work, make sure that the offer from the employer is in good faith, they will definitely pay for the work, and absolutely everything complies with the law – that is, the teenager will be busy only during non-school hours under the guidance of a mentor and without any, even minimal overwork.

Why should a teenager work?

Now let’s talk about the main important points in the issue of teenage employment. Think it over carefully, take into account the characteristics of the child’s personality, his readiness for adulthood. So, what is work in adolescence?

1. Own money

Work is an opportunity for a teenager to make money on their own desires and stop asking for money from their parents for every little thing. Independence leads to self-confidence and greater financial responsibility. A person who understands how the money gets begins to evaluate the effort spent on obtaining funds, think about the real need to buy each item. In addition, a working teenager increases financial literacy very quickly. And here he will also need the help of his parents, advice on wise budget management.

2. Social Connections

The working team forces you to build relationships. The teenager learns to communicate with colleagues, solve work issues, carefully consider the timing and quality of work. After all, the attitude of people towards him depends on this. In addition, if the field of activity in which the teenager got a part-time job is interesting to him, you can try to maintain contacts for the future. Useful for a career.

3. Time allocation

Working teenagers learn to share their time in school, work and free. Of course, we are talking about those who stayed at work longer than three days. This time balance is very important in adulthood, everyone knows about it. Parents themselves can tell how they balance work, household chores, relaxing with children and other important activities. All the better if the child understands how to allocate his time, how to stop wasting it and value it every minute.

4. Choice of profession

A teenager can draw conclusions about the place of his temporary work. Is he interested in the company in which he works? Working as a courier in a financial corporation, at the same time you can look around, take a closer look at the daily activities in such a place, ask questions on a professional topic. Once in the crowd on the set, you can closely observe the work of the director, producer, actors, administrators, makeup artists and many other representatives of the film industry. It is very likely that after such a practice, a teenager will find a profession for himself.

5. School affairs

This is a very important point. According to statistics, working adolescents’ grades may improve, not change, or worsen. They improve (or do not change) precisely because of the correct distribution of time. That is, the teenager was able to build work into his life, concentrate and give the maximum result. If the grades have worsened, we can say that it is too early for the child to combine work and study, he clearly cannot cope with the load. Since school remains the main priority at this age, postpone employment until later.

6. Free time

It is very important for a teenager to be able to relax. This is a difficult time – growing up, the formation of all body systems, parting with childhood. There are strong and active guys who manage literally every task with the same energy and enthusiasm. But this is not possible for all. Try not to load the child more than he can bear calmly and without stress. Each of us needs free time, but for a teenager, it is simply more important than any other age.

Of course, the decision on employment must be made at the family council. Sometimes a teenager breaks into the battle, not understanding what exactly will be required of him – what efforts, time and emotional costs, which will have to be abandoned. The task of the parents is to explain in detail to him what such work even with partial loading. And only after making sure that the child understood everything correctly, you can send him to master the first workplace.

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