5 Perks Of Using Video Marketing For Your Small Business

video marketing for small business

Video marketing is no longer an emerging tactic. It has become one of the content strategy leaders in the marketing world. That’s because more and more internet users are attached to online videos every single day — it makes sense why YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.

With the high demand for videos, video marketing has been gaining a lot of traction. And thanks to the internet, this powerful marketing strategy is now easy to access for businesses of all sizes without burning a hole in their pocket. 

In this case, even small businesses with a shoestring budget can seamlessly plan their video marketing campaigns to stand out among their competitors. Suppose you’re a small business owner who’s facing fierce competition more than ever before. In that case, video marketing strategy won’t only help you to appeal to potential customers better, but also get their business off the ground in no time.

There are countless benefits you’ll have with video marketing, and you’d be at a great disadvantage if you don’t jump on board with this strategy anytime soon. Below are some of the greatest perks of using video for your small business to convince you even more:

#1. Boost Online Presence

Having a solid online presence is crucial for your small business to increase sales. The more people know about your brand, the higher chances you’ll have to get them to purchase it. In fact, in this battle of eyeballs, having robust online visibility isn’t a cakewalk — even for big corporations. Let alone your small business.

That’s where video marketing comes into the whole affair like a breath of air. Tapping into a video marketing strategy makes it easier for you to improve your brand awareness. 

If you include videos on your website or landing pages, it’ll most likely appear at the top pages of Google’s search results. It’s understandable since Google’s algorithm tends to favor multimedia content like videos.

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#2. Simplify Brand Message

Providing your potential customers bulky text of description about your brand or products might be overwhelming for them to read it. In this matter, videos are such an ideal medium to break down even complex ideas into smaller chunks, so the potential customers have no problem digesting it. 

In other words, video marketing helps you to convey your brand message concisely — no long-winded explanation is needed. Videos combine audio and visual elements so the viewers can both watch and listen to the crucial information. That way, they can retain the whole content much better.

Not to mention that many marketers also include animation on their marketing videos. The endearing characters and sleek graphics make the explanation even more enjoyable.

#3. Grab Attention Faster

In the flood of content, videos have a higher chance of floating to the top. It displays a thumbnail that can make your potential customer’s thumb stop scrolling through their feeds. That catchy thumbnail then attempts them to click on it. 

In this situation, you can say that videos can capture your potential customers’ attention in no time. Not only that, but it also keeps their attention all the way through.

Here, you need to make sure that your marketing videos have a strong intro. So, right after the potential customers pressed play, they’re tempted to see what will happen next on the video. And that’s how you make them stay.

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#4. Build Customers’ Trust

Before the potential customers purchase your brand, they really need to be able to trust you. They ensure that the products and the benefits match up to what you say it is, or will your small business be there if they have any issues with the products. 

With video marketing, you can create several videos to help them trust your product and make them more comfortable towards making a purchase.

For example, you can go for testimonial videos to show that your customers are satisfied with your products and customer services. You can also create an explainer video to explain how your products or service actually work. Product videos are also one of the best types of videos to display your products’ real-life appearance and key features.

One thing you need to bear in mind, though, make sure you tell the genuine and authentic stories and emotions in those videos so the customers can get what they expect. 

#5. Easy to Share

Videos are incredibly shareable. It only takes a few clicks to get it shared across your digital channels. With its high shareability, it’s much easier for your small business to expand the reach to a broader audience.

For instance, once you upload your videos on a website, you can effortlessly share them to your social media platforms, video hosting platforms, or even your email marketing or newsletter — at just your fingertips. The more your videos get shares, the easier your potential customers to find you.

Wrapping Up

Video marketing can be such a powerful addition to your overall small business’ strategy. From increasing brand awareness to expanding customers reach, this type of marketing makes it easier for your small business to get off the ground quicker and get the limelight it deserves. So, if your small business hasn’t yet used this powerful marketing strategy, now is the right time to join the video marketing bandwagon to help capture value from your potential customers.