Six steps to rent a car for cross-country road trip

Summer vacations have already started and you must be eager to get into the car and take a long drive away from home. Keeping-up with the road trip trend, why not try something exceptional like cross-country car journey. It provides excellent opportunity for sightseeing and visiting different cities, suburban towns, historical places you mightn’t have seen otherwise. Though you can always drive in your own car, travel experts say that renting a vehicle is far better.

Before agreement, make sure car is in good shape and big enough to accumulate your entire family. As vacation is the peak time for rental agencies to shine their business, book an appointment with an agent beforehand. Check out some of the most lucrative steps to get the most of your cross-country road trip adventure.

Step 1: Vehicle size

Start determining car size, especially interior space and that depends on number of travellers and amount of stuff you’ll carry along. Consider everything such as suitcases, purses, camping gear, edible goods, pillows, blankets, clothes and much more. With all the family members plus luggage, you may need renting a minivan, an SUV or a full-size van that easily holds.

Step 2: Select a car rental company

Apart from the vehicle itself, carefully select the rental company as price, rules and regulations vary exorbitantly. Determine drop-off location prior signing agreement as the last thing you want after a long trip is searching for the company, especially if it’s the first time. Many car rental companies in Qatar settle upon drop location before agreement is exercised.

Step 3: Booking the vehicle

This is something you can do by directly visiting the company, filling online form or over telephone. Whatever the means, be sure to provide complete details of the car, day and time, size, features and all to land a perfect deal. Since you’re driving cross-country, book extra days but only if company is willing to repay lest you return earlier. Moreover, companies have a certain fleet of vehicles only reserved for longer road trips like this one.

While others may offer coupons and special discounts to win loyal customer! Don’t compromise such deals just for the sake of unnecessary upgrades like in-built DVD, Wi-Fi or any other. You’ll enjoy most taking snapshots of beautiful landscapes, hilly terrains and shimmering lakes along the meadow! Ask if agencies are offering compensation in-case vehicle encounters a problem during the trip.

Step 4: Beyond usual preparation

Always mull-over extras like gas packages, mileage and insurance so on. With a long trip such as this, overlooking these additional options might end you in a tight corner. Prepaying for gas is a smart move since prices vary from one state to another and between cities as well. Though insurance is costly, it gives you peace of mind especially if the car experiences even a tiny fender bender.

Step 5: Provide important contact numbers

Write down all important contact details for rental car company. During a long journey, it’ll assist in making necessary calls lest an emergency, become a victim of auto-theft or breakdown. Whilst information is included in rental literature, it’s difficult to recall in a frenzied situation. Besides the usual contacts in your cell-phone, write down on paper as well for a safe side.

Step 6: Install GPS

Consider installing a GPS Global Positioning System) unit that allow 24/7 tracking of your vehicle. It’ll come in handy especially for out-of-state travel. With a car hire at Doha airport, vehicles have preinstalled GPS system exclusive additional charges.


Make your cross-country road trip memorable by following the above steps. Enjoy and drive safely!

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