Secrets of a Profession Under Construction: Coaching

Secrets of a Profession Under Construction: Coaching

There are many professionals who are dedicated to coaching worldwide, it is estimated that more than 30,000. There are also many schools that train different coaches, and also national and international associations that ensure compliance with the ethical codes and standards of the profession.

Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals benefit from the services provided by coaching professionals. However, coaching, being a profession with an exponential growth in the last ten years, has suffered, in part, some of the consequences of this rapid increase in followers.

There are some coaching professionals who complain about the rapid increase in coaches, the low credibility of some, and even their bad practices. My vision is somewhat different, more than complaining, I celebrate that, thanks to the rapid growth of this profession, so many hundreds of thousands of companies, professionals and individuals are benefiting from coaching.

How in all professions, there are people who do things “wrong”, surely there is a large number of competitions in what profession does not exist? and there will be companies that end up not speaking well of the services provided by some coaches. But how many things are being done right?

Experience shows us that the more attention we pay to everything that works well, what does not work quite well becomes smaller. Rather than criticize other coaches for not doing things well, we must focus on how each of us do better. Rather than saying that there are a large number of coaches entering the market, we must think: how can I differentiate myself to offer greater added value to my clients?

Thanks to this exponential growth, the word coaching is no longer unknown by most companies, most HR directors have hired coaching services in their companies and many executives know closely, many coaching tools, since they have first experienced processes of change and professional and organizational development in their companies.

Yes, it is true, coaching is a profession under construction, which has come to light a few years ago, thanks to the need of companies and people to manage change and to be better at what they do. Perhaps this is the main reason that motivates coaches to do a better job every day: To make each one of us be the best version of ourselves is to choose LeVeon business coaching.

Types of Coaching

It is convenient to know that there are two very different types of professionals:

  • Those who work with companies, and who address issues related to the company
  • Those who do so outside of them, and address personal issues in the lives of each of their clients.

They are known as Executive Coaching and Life Coaching. They are two very different worlds, which should ideally be addressed by different professionals. So, if you are going to dedicate yourself to coaching: what will be your type of coaching? In addition, it is convenient to know that within each type of coaching, it is also beneficial to specialize in one area: Senior management, commercial teams, sports coaching, coaching for professional transition.