Christmas Lockdown Rules: How 2020 Celebrations Will Look Like

Christmas Lockdown Rules

COVID-19 has changed the face of the earth and has affected every human being in one way or the other. The imposition of lockdowns and the normalization of social distancing was imminent since the beginning of the virus.

But how is the novel coronavirus is going to affect this year’s Christmas?

Well, the answer to that is not that simple. This year the festive period will undoubtedly be different, and everyone is jumbled up in the thoughts of how to celebrate this Christmas in this pandemic. However, fear not! We can highlight some Christmas lockdown rules that will help you plan for the Christmas cheers of 2020.

Rule #1: Keep the Regulations in Mind

When it comes to festivities such as Christmas, there is a chance that we overshadow the importance of safety from the deadly pandemic. This is only because of the long haul time of lockdowns and quarantine period. The time of celebration cannot be missed. This is the period when we celebrate the beautiful time with the family and make the most out of it. Therefore, we don’t have to miss out on the cheers and joy.

However, there is always a right way to do things, and we should not get distracted by the usual practices because it is time to make some changes. We must keep in mind that practicing all the necessary precautions are only for the sake of our health and safety. This year, it is highly recommended that you follow all the regulations, including maintaining social distancing, donning a mask in the presence of people, and washing your hands frequently.

Rule #2: Outing Is Not an Option

In this current situation, we can only think of a few options outdoors. However, going out to a Christmas party or celebrating it with all your friends at one place is straight away – A Bad Idea! You should know that even if you are allowed to go out in parks and open areas, it is still dangerous for you and your family to get exposed to the virus.

We will suggest you try and stay indoors rather than heading out in the large gatherings. You can always cozy in and watch different Christmas movies and shows with your family. If you don’t have a good TV connection, you can always try WOW TV Guide, which provides you around 500 Mbps download and an unlimited data cap. Just the right thing to make your Christmas magical!

Rule #3: Prepare For Zoom Parties

Note one important thing! No house parties this year for your office colleagues or friends from the college. You don’t want to put your family and their family in harm’s way of this virus, and it is only better that you smartly plan something safe and sound for everyone. Although you can design something small if you want to meet someone special or a few people from your neighbors or maybe close family.

According to the CDC recommendations, you should decrease the number of attendees to as low as possible. Hugs and handshakes are also forbidden, and there should be a strict rule of wearing a mask throughout the party. Moreover, you can also encourage your friends to bring their food, or if you are preparing the food yourself, you should wear a mask while doing it.

Rule #4: Keep the Menu Small

Speaking of food, there is no need to go crazy on various dishes or colossal ham. You can always make it in portioned servings so that everyone can have their own without having to touch and cut all of it on the dinner table. You can also think of tweaking the traditional Christmas dinner this year and come up with something that is tasty yet can set right in separate containers.

Instead of going for separate mashed potatoes and turkey serving, you can make yummy glazed turkey sandwiches. Place it with cranberry sauce in a container and distribute it to your guests. Trust us, they will appreciate your concern for their health and will love to celebrate Christmas with you.

Rule #5: Only Shop Online

Apart from the primary Christmas celebration day, there is one crucial thing. You must know that the coronavirus is contagious and shows its symptoms in a few days instead of attacking instantly. Therefore, if you are going out shopping and exposing yourself to the virus, then there is a chance that you might become a carrier of it.

This will affect you and the loved ones with whom you are planning to celebrate the big day. Therefore, shop online and buy a thing from an online retail store rather than going out yourself. Several platforms will assist you at this time.

Time to Cheer!

We know that things will not be as perfect this Christmas as you always expect them to be, but you can still make the most out of what you have. There are so many loopholes and possibilities that will help you in celebrating your Christmas with happiness. You only have to make sure that you take all the health care precautions. Moreover, if you plan to go out, remember to wear your masks all the time and use hand sanitizers. Have a Merry Christmas!